Actor Agam Darshi plays the tough-talking Kate Freelander, a former swindler who calls upon her “skills” as a con artist to in her work with the Sanctuary team. Although an unlikely ally when she arrived at the Sanctuary, she has proven herself trustworthy and a valued member of the team…most of the time.

The Vancouver based actor has numerous television and film credits to her name and was nominated for a Constellation Award for her work on Sanctuary. During the show’s filming hiatus, Darshi switched gears from sharpshooting Kate to sweet Brianna, starring in the hit comedy series Dan for Mayor.

She started her film and TV career playing the “sexually confused” Hema in Renegade Press.Com. And from there, this multifaceted talent has appeared in television programs such as The Guard, The L-Word, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Dead Zone, Stargate Atlantis, and 49th and Main. She also appeared alongside Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester in Lifetime’s Haunting on Sorority Row, as well as co-starring with Emmy award winner Jennifer Finnigan in the television movie drama Playing for Keeps.

Her film credits include Final Destination 3, Snakes on a Plane, and an appearance in the blockbuster Watchmen. Darshi was in last fall’s popular apocalyptic feature film 2012, starring John Cusack and played the role of Safira in Bruce Sweeny’s romantic comedy feature, Excited for which she was also nominated for a Leo Award. The film has won over critics and audiences alike on the film festival circuit and was screened at the Palm Springs Film Festival.

Agam Darshi is a triple threat in the entertainment world. Not only is she a successful actor, but she is also a writer and producer. To date, she has written and produced three short films and is currently working on a feature. One of her projects, Bollywood Beckons, was screened at the Chicago International Film Festival, and the New York City Downtown Film Festival.

But writing and producing her own work is only part of the story. Darshi is a huge supporter of independent film and as such, produced the Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival. The one-day event consists of short films, feature films and documentary screenings as well as panel discussion with some of Canada's most important filmmakers and industry professionals.

Born in England, Darshi grew up all over Canada. She attended the University of Calgary where she received formal theatre training and studied photography. After university, she presented some of her photographic images in shows and even sold some of her work. But while her acting career is so busy, she has decided to keep her photography as a relaxing hobby.

To round out her artistic talents, Darshi is also well versed in traditional and popular Indian dance styles.

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